Holistic Vendor Market


Over 100 local vendors and artisans that offering handmade goods and holistic products and services.

Stage Performances


Experience music, dance, and culture on the main event stage. Local performances and community figures offer their art to all.

Movement Workshops


Workshops focused on different methods utilizing body movement and music. Experience how to embrace a holistic lifestyle by learning techniques and skills from local practitioners.



Experience Meditation classes led by the leading teachers in North Texas. Experience timelessness and dive into our meditation sessions. 

Inspirational Speakers


Enjoy talks from local community leaders focused on education, motivation, and all-around wellness.

Yoga Classes


Participate in yoga classes offered by the best of the best in the Dallas Metroplex area! From Hatha yoga to Iyengar, set your intention! (free)



Bring your own drum or join in the variety of drums and percussion instruments. Each person has the opportunity to express themselves with their instrument while connecting people through rhythm. Jam with us!

Winter Labyrinth


$10 Ticket includes, guided meditation walk and day pass entry to explore and enjoy through the day. Welcome the light of your being. Walk the Winter Solstice Labyrinth and set the intention for this sea

Ecstatic Dance


We join together in the simple and courageous act of freeform dance. We cocreate movement, music and community.

Healing Sessions


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Contact Improv


Contact Improvisation is a partner dance is a form based on the physical principles of touch, momentum, shared weight, and following a shared point of contact. Experience this incredible practice at the Festival.

Sound Healing


Experience with a trained sound healing practitioner. Sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being. 

WINTER Solstice Labyrinth

WINTER Solstice Labyrinth Walk and Meditation


Since prehistory, the winter solstice has been seen as a significant time of year in many cultures, and has been marked by festivals and rituals. It marked the symbolic death and rebirth of the Sun. The seasonal significance of the winter solstice is in the reversal of the gradual lengthening of nights and shortening of days.


Where we started and where we are now!

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."  Margaret Wheatley.

The 1st Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness celebrated in July 2015. This event was held at the massive indoor Plano convention center with a total space of over 125000 sq feet and attended by more than 4000 people. We work with over 400 local wellness businesses.

These visitors were seeking COMMUNITY CONNECTION, SPIRITUAL HEALTH, MENTAL CLARITY, and PHYSICAL WELLBEING along with wanting to learn more holistic ways to approach their lives. 

Our Holistic Festivals have now collectively gathered over 50,000 members in the North Texas Community, thus solidifying the festival as the LARGEST ATTENDED HOLISTIC EVENT IN TEXAS of its kind.

Nearly 10 Festivals later we have seen an overwhelming response from the community of North Texas. We are humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to connect the holistic community and offer a space of healing. We thank the community of North Texas for allowing our vision to become a reality!

Join us for our 10th Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness November 23, 2019.

Human Embrace

Our a nonprofit organization focused on creating community inclusion and diversity through fundraisers and multi-cultural events.  We offer holistic and green living solutions to the community through practicability  and honor our community with the resources to incorporate into their lives.